Mobile App for Encino Dentist, Dr. Sheldon

This mobile app is designed to make communication with our dental office convenient and hassle free. By being just a touch away, Dental Anywhereâ„¢ makes your life easier.

What's Inside:

Contact the office or request an appointment without having to take the time to call or email.

Use the touch-screen Pain Management Center to indicate which tooth or teeth are in pain or are in need of emergency treatment.

Access post treatment notes or instructions immediately without having to contact the office.

Get directions to the office instantly from anywhere with the custom programmed GPS navigation system.

Appointment reminders. never miss an appointment again. Reminders can be scheduled days or minutes before the appointment.

Get dental assistance when travelling nationally.

Instructions for downloading the app:

Go to the App Store or Android Market and search for: "My Dentist"
Dentist Key: breault